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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Number 12 on the Wait List....

A conversation the other evening with Magnolia while the techs focused the lights reminded me that I needed to see where we were at with my Fringe show so I sent off an email to the Fringe. I am still #12 on the Wait List, but I was told not to fret, that I should check back in April and that things were likely (but not guaranteed) to change with regards to my number. So, I am still waiting. That's alright. I have more than enough to keep me waiting until April. Perhaps I shall review the script. It has been a while since I tracked through it. I picked it up last weekend and got discouraged as it all sounded familiar (I did write it - it should be familiar), but maybe after this week and The Last Five Years is done, I can truly focus. Speaking of, the show is quite lovely. I may be bias in this assessment, but I don't think I am. I just want the heat on in the theatre so my actors don't get sick. It is a big sing for both of them (though Martin will say he has the harder stuff - ha!) as each has 1/2 of the 80 minute show to sing. The songs are challenging and push at both ends of their ranges and they are fabulous. This week will be a marathon for them.

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