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Monday, March 02, 2009

Just a few things...

1. Wonderful to hear the band with the voices on Sunday. Cathy and Jamie sound so good and when you add violins, and guitar, and the coolness that a bass just is, it all gets better. Somewhat sad I had to leave before they made it through the whole show, but I will hear it again (and again, and again). The Last Five Years, People! March 12-14th! Be there!

2. Good meeting tonight with the directors of the Reading for he Footlights Festival. We have a plan for casting both shows that should be fair and manageable. A bit of a challenge to sort it all out from names and numbers and some resumes, but we do have a plan. Both the ladies are sharp and keen and enthusiastic and working for the good of the script. That's what I like to hear! I feel good about this.

3. Spent a lot of time working for Revenue Canada today and I am glad that is done for another year. When you only do the monumental task once a year it is always a steep learning curve come February!

4. Great fun at the library with Gibson today. If I paid attention to what he actually said I would know everything there is to know about Mario.

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