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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Last Five Days... The Last Five Weeks... The Last Five Years

We closed last night after an all too brief run. What a great experience. I was initially very excited to be asked to direct this project. What an honour when people who know a lot of talented people ask you to participate in a major way to their project. I am even more flattered after all is done. When I think of the entire team they assembled and the quality of the skills that everyone brought I feel blessed to have been a part of it, and even more blessed to have been considered equal to the task. I think I held my own. I certainly was happy with the production. I like working with people who strive to be as good as they can be, who take notes with the intentions given (to make it more right), and who trust me. I think I earned the trust. This was such a wonderful process. It felt a little tight for time at the beginning, and another week (a warmer one) plus a few more shows would have been lovely, but those would have been icing on the cake. We had 4 fabulous shows. We received plenty of positive feedback. And we didn't compromise on the standards that we all set for ourselves. I feel I learned from this experience and I think that those I worked with did too. I met some new wonderful artists and strengthened the bonds I already have with others. Perhaps the short run will teach those who said 'I wish I had made it' to not miss it the next time? Who knows.

All in all the last 5 days, the last 5 weeks and The Last 5 Years passed by all too quickly...

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