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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Salvaging the day...

I apologized and threw up the white flag... it was thrown back in my face. I can do no more.

I am going to try and salvage the day by writing about what went well.

1. Gibson had a fabulous play-date with Ethan from Fun Factory. You would think having two 4 year olds running around would be crazier than normal, but it was not. It was delightful. They played well and negotiated with each other and there were no fights or tears.

2. I received some lovely e-mails/messages from people complimenting me on what I said (my apology and taking ownership of the error). I appreciate those people. I even got one from someone I do not know, but who was reading and involved in the discussion. I really appreciate this kindness from a stranger. I also appreciate being informed, so thanks to that individual who gave me the heads up. I like tackling things head-on. I will own when I am wrong, but if I don't know about a problem I can't even attempt to apologize for it or repair it. I also received help and support from the Board. My gracious thanks, because I do not know if I deserve it.

3. I finished my homework.

4. I had wonderful thoughts about last night's rehearsal. To think we have completely blocked the show and in such a short amount of time. There are already some lovely, fully realized moments and it can only grow from here.

5. Oliver was very helpful today. I think he sensed my sadness, but for whatever reason, he has been super good and had a good day at school.

6. I bought flowers at the grocery store this morning and they are lovely to look at.

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