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Monday, October 10, 2016

Gearing up for RED at Walterdale...

RedThis week I am very excited for the Opening of Red at Walterdale. I saw the play several years ago at the Citadel and loved it. This month, I will see it again at Walterdale 3 times. That's because my husband is playing Mark Rothko in it. It's an awesome task, even more so for him because by day he lives far away from the world of art making his living as a Pharmacist. That is not to say he doesn't have an appreciation for things artistic. He is a phenomenal singer and has been onstage in several musicals, usually playing the bad guy, or the angry guy, because he's huge (6'5") and has a even bigger voice. The bigness helps for Rothko, at least I imagine it will, as Rothko certainly did not have a small personality. He also frequently buys art from local artists - things he likes. He has little pretension in that area.

 All of us in the house have been helping him prepare, running lines, giving pep talks, discussing art, letting him sleep, so I am excited to see him onstage this week. I am not sure if I will blog about the show after seeing it. It would be hard to be objective. I might talk a little about why I love this play so much. Hopefully you can take it in.

Red runs from October 12-22 at Walterdale Theatre.

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