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Sunday, August 16, 2015

WORD OF MOUTH - Fringe 2015

One of my regular Fringe Features is WORD OF MOUTH, where I ask people in line ups and the beer tent what they have seen that they would recommend. If they're artists I ask them to name something other than their own show... I try to talk to a variety of people because tastes are varied and these come with no qualifiers so I recommend you still read the Program to see what the show is about...

The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour
Mama's Boy
Gidion's Knot
A New Brain
Amish Project
Folk Lordz
Gordon's Big Bald Head
No Belles
Oh Manada!
Shadows in Bloom
Edgar Allen

I did have one person say Shout! but it was a friend of mine.  He insisted that he was recommending it to people, but I think I will wait until a stranger mentions it to me before I add it to the list!

I'll keep chatting and getting more input.  One thing is clear, there is a lot of good stuff to see!

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