Getting Ready for Fringe! Double Double and Shout! Twice the Fun!

Fringe is almost upon us!  It's my favorite time of the year and I feel kind of bad that I have let my blogging slip (missing posting on the Mayfield's The Long Weekend - a fun show and a great date night with the husband!), but the fact is I have two shows on the go and I am onstage in both of them. Not only am I onstage, but they are both ensemble musicals so it's not like I'm popping in for a cameo. I am singing and dancing in both and while it is terrific fun, it has been taking up a lot of my time!

What am I doing? you ask... Let me tell you!

The first show is familiar, because it is a remount of Shout! The Mod Musical, which I directed and was in earlier this year.  We had a 4 show run in January at C103 with wonderful houses.  We were thrilled to get a Fringe spot because it meant we could re-visit and tighten the show and we've even added more choreography and changed up a few costumes!  It was a really solid show in January and I am pleased to say it's even stronger now.  It's funny how learning choreography over again is actually a lot easier.  I don't even dread putting on the white go-go boots!  It's also been fun getting back together with the girls onstage and backstage, and the music is so great to sing.  For me, being able to sing these iconic songs, with 4 other women who can really handle the 4 and 5 parts, is something that I have truly missed. 

Featuring: Leslie Caffaro, Nicole English, Kristen Finlay, Erin Foster-O'Riordan, & Monica Roberts
Directed by Kristen Finlay
Music Direction by Sally Hunt

Choreography by Kelly Webber

The second show I am involved in is Double Double: The Musical. I am wearing many hats on this production as I am co-writer, co-director, co-producer and I am onstage performing in it.  It's been amazing to see and hear my second musical come together.  We are blessed with a terrific cast and team and that has made it all the better.  It really is a ridiculous little show - in a good way!  The songs are varied in style and are tuneful ear-worms.  I am so thrilled with the work our arranger, Matt Graham, has done to help bring our musical vision to life. I don't even think you need to like Tim Horton's to have fun at this show - if you have a favourite, you understand the addiction and brand loyalty, and whether you recognize yourself or other people in the characters of the show, I think there will be some connection. 

Featuring: Owen Bishop, Justin Deveau, Kristen M. Finlay, and Nadine Veroba
Written and Directed by Kristen Finlay & Anne Marie Szucs
Music Arrangement by Matt Graham
Music Direction by Arielle Ballance
Choreography by Leah Paterson
Sound Design by Erin Foster-O'Riordan
Stage Managed by Kirsten Jensen


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