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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back for a Second Helping of ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS with the Boys!

On Tuesday night the whole family headed to the Citadel to take in the wonderfully ridiculous One Man, Two Guvnors.  I had seen it earlier at Dress Rehearsal but was looking forward to seeing it again and having Mark and the boys experience it.  It was great to see it again and even better in that I got to hear Gibson and Oliver laughing hysterically at it.  Once The Craze started up Gibson was glued to the stage.  He's a big music fan and he was really impressed with the group and the variety of instruments on the stage.  He also loved the parts throughout the show when the other members of the cast joined in for their 'special' numbers.  I think his favorite was Jesse Gervais on the bicycle horns, but John Ullyatt on the Xylophone was also up there!  The show was simply terrific.  It's great to go to a show that you can still laugh at even though you've seen it before, even more rewarding when your 13 year old leans over 3/4 of the way through the first act and whispers, "This is SO good!" It's hard to impress a teenager!  Of course, he did like all the inappropriate bits the best... but he's 13 so what can you do?  He told me the next day that he was telling his teachers about it.  When I asked what he told them, he said, "That it was very funny, and not really appropriate for kids!" and then he laughed.  

I think their favorite parts were the audience participation and the physical humour.  There was much discussion of the audience elements on the way home, as well as incredulous talk about how many times Andrew MacDonald-Smith either fell down the stairs or got hit. Gibson wants me to get a copy of the soundtrack, because he really, really liked the music and he's even considering taking Ukelele lessons.  I'm thinking I probably could also get him a Be Arthurs CD... I know some people...

There are only 3 more shows left for this own.  It's one I would highly recommend.  There aren't a lot of seats left for Saturday, but you probably could get in Friday night or for the Sunday Matinee.  I doubt you will be disappointed and there's a high probability you will laugh so much it hurts!

One Man, Two Guvnors is at the Citadel until November 16th.

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