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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Fringe on the Horizon... The Far Horizon...

So in the midst of all my busy, the Fringe Lottery was held last week.  I couldn't attend because I was knee-deep in a tech rehearsal, but had my iPad on hand for updates and was overwhelmed to get word that Finally Sauces was drawn, not once, but twice.  Round Barn did not get pulled, so we will try again next year if everyone is still up for it. I had decided to let the Fringe gods decide which projects would be on the docket and would have been happy with one, or two and probably stressed with all three so this has worked out.  We (Finally Sauces) will be presenting one of my scripts and one of Anne Marie's.  After Proof gets up and running we will have to have a meeting to figure out roles and responsibilities and discuss possible casting, but it is exciting to know so far in advance that we will be in.  I have done the Wait List before and that is stressful - best when you get in and are ready, but very sad when you are working on being ready and you don't get off the list. Trust me, the stress level drops considerably when you know one way or another.

In any case, it is fuel to put my focus on my writing at this point.  I have a script, but it needs work.  I look forward to having a deadline to push me forward.


Annemarie said...

Fantastic!!! What is the timeframe for the Fringe? I'd like to see if I can be home for it.

Finster said...

Third week of August. I will have to check the exact dates!