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Friday, July 15, 2011

A To-Do List Builds...

We have a wee 2 weeks off from rehearsing Pieces (Fringe 2011) while 2 of our actors are away and I am not accumulating an unanticipated To-Do List. I should have anticipated it, but sometimes I have to put my brain into the 'let's just get the next thing done' mode or I would get overwhelmed. Anyhow, the next two weeks will be about media materials, photos, posters, media releases, programs, etc... and I think I will be able to handle it. The once relatively free calendar is filling up (ugh), but the boys scoot off to camp next week so I should have much more time in the daytime to do any running around required. I am really thinking hard about a camp the following week, but in August they go three weeks straight in various camps so I am hesitant to do that. Somewhere in there I want to get a haircut...

The show itself is in good shape. The arc defined and present, but the big thing now is lines. It's tricky because of the overlapping dialogue so I do not pity the actors having to work on it in a vacuum over the next 2 weeks, but we will go hard in August when everyone is back. I will also work with anyone who wants a line running partner (I'll even do different voices for the different characters!). I am happy with where I have brought the script to. It could likely go further but I would have needed more time. It is a challenge to schedule with the my own schedule and the schedules of the people involved (a couple of them are in 1 or more other Fringe shows and then there are holidays and workshops - it is summer). In any case, I feel the script has taken leaps and bounds from where it was and my cast is very committed to making it work.

Last night I had rehearsal for A Little Night Music. We did a run of the show, off book. It was my first time off book for the whole show. I had put in some time on the lines earlier in the day, but the run told me I have some work to do. I generally know what I have to say, but I will need the reinforcement. We don't go up until September, so I know the task at hand is well within management. We run the show once a week for the next few weeks until after Fringe and then after Fringe we get serious. I feel like we are in great shape there.

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