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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Tale of My Illness...

So I put the kids in camp last week so that I could have a bit of time to get some stuff done, however, illness struck and I spent a lot of time actually medicating and sleeping to try and kick whatever foul bug infected my system. I realized that I had not gotten much on my To Do List done, so on Thursday I registered them for camp this week as well. I am still sick, but I only have a limited amount of time to get these things done for Fringe (FinallySauces presents Pieces) so I worked on the media release, painting my set piece and some other general Fringe housekeeping today. I also painted the Romeo and Juliet signs for Walterdale's bathrooms. They actually turned out quite well, so I will not be embarrassed for people to know I painted them. Whew! I wish the sickness would leave. The cashier at Safeway pretty much described what I have and said it hung around for 3 weeks for her. I hope I am luckier and can be better sooner than that!! I need to get better so I don't infect my cast when we resume on Monday!!!

So, tomorrow, I need to finish working on the Set Painting. It looks better now, but I can tell it is not finished. It is a bit too rusty looking and darker than I want. I will experiment tomorrow to lighten it up a bit. I also need to adjust some costumes and meet with my SM and Sound Designer this week and get on my poster designer's case (he's working on it, but I want the artwork for the media package so if I could just get that by Wednesday night....). All those little things to do! Oh, and get healthy!

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