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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Mother... my most significant relationship(s)...

Ten Years ago today, right now, I was in labour but not progressing. With each contraction the heart rate of my unborn child was dropping. In a couple of hours, if things didn't progress, they were going to give me a c-section. I didn't so they did. It was fine. I made jokes once they did the spinal (and I could feel nothing below my arms - ahhhhhh). Mark argued about having to sit during the procedure as 'he had seen a c-section before'... the nurse insisted - 'that was not your wife' and 'they didn't want to have to pick him up off the floor if he fainted'. So he sat and watched. Oliver Lester Finlay arrived ten years ago tomorrow morning about 1:30 a.m. Mark did all the preliminary stuff with him as I was down in the recovery room waiting for my toes to move.

10 Years a Mother - hard to believe. The manners were better when he was 5. I see the teenager to come though and I think he will be an interesting, if challenging, kid. Right now he still loves Lego (Harry Potter this year) and is not into 'girls'. This past school year he had the 'puberty' lesson and he didn't giggle because their teacher told them they weren't allowed to be immature. He still likes Webkins, and Pokemon rules the world and his latest DS Game is Plants vs. Zombies. He is tall for his age but a bit lazy but I do have him trained to put his dishes in the sink and his dirty clothes in his hamper. I understand him terrifically, but sometimes that doesn't do much when he's cranky or wants his way. He is my first born and he grows more interesting every year. The job itself gets both harder and easier, as well.

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