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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Day - Lots Done...

Yesterday I was back at the theatre working away. Actually not as productive as earlier in the week but there were other people around and I must admit I am easily distracted when other people are around. I expect the same tomorrow, but everything I get done makes the time worth it. I stayed home today (with the chilluns) but still managed to get a few things done. I am done the parasols and Hebrew sign and researched the lettering for the sign that is affixed to the cart. I also drew up the blueprints. I am checking things off the list in hopes of clearing as much as possible as soon as I can. Why? Well, because things in a show like this pop up unexpectedly. With the way these guys are using and dealing with props I am sure I am going to get a few additions thrown my way and I want to be able to have time to work on those and not be worrying about a bunch of things I haven't gotten done. I already have potatoes added... I am sure there are more!

By the way, I think my sign looks so good!

I also was quite productive at home. Lots of laundry done, both washed and put away. I also got Oliver to help there (I had a carrot to dangle - that helped). I uploaded photos from the Season Launch and the Archive Photos from Best Little Whorehouse and that felt good. I will get to Rabbit Hole later this week. I am glad that all three of my painting outfits are washed so I don't have to worry about it for this week. I have a lot left to do.

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