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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Sun Has Come out...

This week we were much more successful weather-wise and soccer-wise. If all goes well we will have our last day of soccer tomorrow. It took Gibson 2 days to settle in and today he went to the class with no issues. He had more challenges in the playground afterwards when his sand castle got stepped on and he banged his head twice on the slide. He is also going through a 'I want to play, but I want the rules to favour me' phase which is really annoying. After soccer we went to see Ice Age 3: The Age of the Dinosaurs. It was hot and the movie theatre was air conditioned. Lovely.

This weekend Mark and I went to The Lion King at the Jubilee. It is part of the Broadway Across Canada package. This was the show that made me most want to buy this season. It was wonderful. Conceptually it was so complete. The puppetry and the set and the lighting were amazing. Some mic balance issues and the young Simba was occasionally robotic, but he was only 11, what can you do?

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