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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Okay, Halloween party, CHECK!

Last night Walterdale hosted a little masquerade party. We (the organizing committee) wanted it to be casual, but fun. It was a nice little evening. It started slow because we had these old black and white horror movies (a la Vincent Price) and we had brought those for background imagery, but during the set-up one of the volunteers/attendees really started watching the movie. We were hesitant to turn the sound off on him, but we did and put the music on and things picked up. It was also challenging because the bar is in the lobby and the party was to be int he theatre so we had a split focus with two changing groups of people. It all worked out and I think we had about 40-45 people in total in attendance and I think everyone had fun. It also 'broke even' so we provided a social event without spending gobs of cash. We want to make the social component a bigger and more ongoing part of Walterdale. Too many people come, do one show, and never come back. We want to give them a reason.

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