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Friday, October 24, 2008

Hopes and Dreams for November...

On paper, this October was and continues to be one of the busiest months I have had in a long time. Keep in mind I am a naturally busy person, so imagine what a really, really busy month is for me. I will be glad when this month is over. I am going to endeavour to minimize adding things to November outside Black Hearts and the commitments I have for the boys and the one or two social events I have to go to. AM and I scaled back on meeting for our writing until the middle of the month so that helps and there are no 50th Anniversary Galas, nor shows to work Box Office coming up. I hope to keep Mondays and Wednesday nights free to decompress. I hope to write on Tuesday afternoons. I hope that our P/T Pharmacist is sufficiently recovered from his surgery to return to work so that I don't feel like the managing of the house and children is on my shoulders 80% of the time. I hope to get my hair cut and coloured sometime in November and I hope to feel well enough to at least get back on the treadmill 3X a week. I think the health thing is slowly resolving. I am at about 75% right now so that is a good thing. I hope that if I need to meet for my drama class, that we can meet on Tues and Thurs afternoon so I don't have to make another trip to the University and pay for parking on a different day. I hope that the other people in my life stay healthy, and get their crap dealt with so I don' t have to drop additional responsibilities into a very busy life that I carefully schedule and coordinate so that I don't feel swamped. I hope that Mark starts to use the organizational system (5th times the charm!) I have set up to minimize the paper explosions in our home and therefore the chaos in our lives. I will likely not see everything I want to in regards to theatre this month, but I will get to what I can and that will be that. I shouldn't feel bad about not getting to everything. There is just so much to go to and only so much time.

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