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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Milestones and Millstones

Today I am forty. I like it. I have been thinking about this birthday for most of the year and since I've had slightly over 9 months to think it has more weight than any of the birthdays I have had in recent years. I think it is exciting for me to be 40 because I don't look 40 (I don't think everyone is lying) and because I can say that I have done significant things in my life so that I feel this "milestone" has merit beyond just the counting of days and years. Over the years I have set goals for myself and reached them, or not, but I still reached for them. Things like having children (a challenging goal for me to achieve), getting lead roles on stage (so much fun and therapy all rolled up together), writing a play and having it produced (butterflies!), and many other things are the accomplishments I cherish.

My major goal this year was about weight loss. On January 1, 2007 I weighed myself and made a goal. My vow was to lose 40 lbs by my birthday (today). This was achievable, yet a big enough project that it would require a lot of work. I fell short. I have only lost 30 lbs, however, it is not a millstone worn around my neck. Failing to reach the goal was not a true failure. How can I be sad about losing 30 lbs? I can't. The thing is, it I had not made the goal, I would not have lost what I did. I would have been at least 20 lbs heavier. I guarantee that. The goal made me work harder than I would have without it. The goal made me get up and go to Weight Watchers. The goal got me to the YMCA and the Treadmill. So I will continue to set goals. And I will set goals that will challenge me, ones that aren't easy to accomplish.

My goal today. For the immediate, I want to celebrate this day and this year. I have been blessed with lots of Facebook greetings, many kisses from my boys, and a promised kidnapping tonight. For the long term? I want to be down another 20 lbs by New Years. That will be 50 lbs this year. That will be work since Halloween and Christmas and snowfalls are in the next three months. it is what I shall reach for.

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Magnolia said...

Happy birthday darling. You are an inspiration, and I am so happy that you are my friend!