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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Word of Mouth Tuesday and Wednesday! Fringe 2022

My apologies for the lateness on this one… I’ve been Fringing hard and needed to breathe! It’s been a glorious Fringe though! Lots of new titles on this list. Trust the recommendation of the random strangers I met in line ups and go catch a show!

Crack in the Mirror


Mark of the Minotaur

History of the World in 7 Days

Drag Me to the Opera

God is a Scottish Drag Queen



Fags in Space

Crisp Trepidation 

Re: Construct

Salsa Lesson

Chase Padgett

For Science! 

Josie and Grace

Juliet: A Revenge Comedy


Robert will Show You the Door

Blueberries are Assholes

Ladies of Jazz

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