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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Fringe Preview: New work from Michele Vance Hehir - ONE POLAROID

Award-winning playwright Michele Vance Hehir is bringing another new work to this year's Fringe. Here's her email interview about her new show, One Polaroid:

Describe your Fringe show in 10 words or less. Two unmarried sisters and their nephew celebrate his 20th birthday.

Now the longer description... what else should people know about it? It takes place in a small dying town in Alberta in the spring of 1973. It's a play about family: sisters, mothers and sons. And it's a story of a birthday celebration with punch and cake and questionable 70's music...

What makes One Polaroid a great choice for the Fringe? It's a story about something we can all identify with - our families. The love we have for them, but also the way in which family - who have known you your whole life - always knows exactly what buttons to push. It's a dramedy!

Okay, you're in rehearsal with an amazing group of people... 
    Who makes you laugh the most? Julie Golosky. Because she makes the most expressive faces and will do almost anything for a LAUGH!
    Who makes you groan? Boyan Peycoff. Funny, smart and cheeky.
    Who is most likely to give you a massage? Definitely Jennifer Spencer. 

Description: 1973. In a dying Alberta town, a dysfunctional relationship between 2 sisters unfolds as they wait for their nephew to arrive for his annual birthday tradition of fruit punch, cake and lost dreams. RUINATION/(2017) Liz Nicholls - " intriguing little piece, artfully constructed, and acted with commitment."
Click here for tickets. 

Warnings: Adult Language
Duration: 60 minutes

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