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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Fringe Preview: Musicals are my jam... So many to choose from!

This is another great Fringe for musicals and musical revues. Since I have spent roughly 67% of my theatrical career involved in musicals either as actor or director, this is where I tend to focus the bulk of my time... Here's a few that look interesting to me:

The Description: The Janes are back with it's first ever musical revue at the Fringe! The Sterling-Award-winning company celebrates all things theatre, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime-boldly going inside the world of entertainment featuring musical gems of yesterday and today. "Everything's coming up roses and daffodils and...chickens!" (Gypsy)
Why I want to see it: Well, they quote Gypsy in the description... that right there catches my attention. It's also the Plain Janes who have a proven track record for producing quality musicals for the Fringe. The cast is super solid and I have been enjoying seeing their 'choreography clips' online as they prepare for Fringe.
Click here for tickets.

The Description: Saga loves to learn, read, and make music. But what Saga craves most is adventure. In an epic tale inspired by Scandinavian folklore, Saga journeys deep into the wood where she meets Fossegrim and Nøkk, two shapeshifting siblings with magical powers. Playful fun for the whole family!
Why I want to see it: Although I am Norwegian I actually know very little about my Scandinavian heritage. This might be a fun way to find out more. I think from the description, however, I might need to find a small person to bring with me...
Click here for tickets.

The Description: Hallelujah! Classical composer, George Frideric Handel makes a deal with God to come back for one last performance - all His broadway favourites! How fabulous is that?! Ron Long of Il Duo Fringe fame is back with this one man show!
Why I want to see it: Well, Ron Long is hysterical and a terrific vocalist. If you listen to CBC radio in the morning you may have heard him give vocal coaching - which is much funnier than it should be!
Click here for tickets.

The Description: An Award-winning off-Broadway musical about the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African-American international superstar and one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century. "tour de force." 5 Stars-CBC "perfect piece of theatre for the time we're currently in" 5 Stars-Plays To See NYC 5 Stars-Winnipeg Free Press
Why I want to see it: There is something compelling about a musical about Josephine Baker - imagine the life she led! I'm also intrigued to see how they will incorporate burlesque into it.
Click here for tickets.

The Description: From the creators of five star, held-over hits, "Chasing Willie Nelson", "Valentine's Train" and "Forget Me Not" comes a touching musical tribute to WW2 history. Four young women find themselves in front of a microphone, searching for their voices and the learning what it means to tell the truth.
Why I want to see it: Well, if you read the After the House Lights Blog post about my most memorable Fringe experience, then you know it involved "Forget Me Not". Since this is the same creator, I think it's worth the risk! It's also got a stellar cast of local vocalists.
Click here for tickets. 

I've mentioned a couple other musicals in my other preview posts. Check those out for more ideas!

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