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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time for a Haircut?! The Barber of Seville - Edmonton Opera

Last week I took in The Barber of Seville at the Edmonton Opera.  It was a bright and energetic production with a cool concept, replanting the story in a 1940's Hollywood Movie Studio Backlot. The costumes, set and make-up was bang-on for transporting us to the world of the play and the titular Figaro (Phillip Addis) seemed perfectly situated in this new location.  Afterall, you need someone to look after all the actor's hair needs on a movie set! Addis was a fireball with great comedic skills to compliment his singing skills. When he's onstage your eyes are always drawn to him.  He's most fun when he and Almaviva (James McLennan) are playing off each other, but it's also fun to watch him get in the mix with all the characters.  As Rosina (Sylvia Szadovszki) is lovely and her voice is bright and sunshiny.  Szadovski is delightfully bratty and she plays the diva film star with a sense of fun. This is the bugs bunny opera.  The music will be familiar to most and they have done a fabulous job with the world, with everyone onstage embracing the swing of the 1940's and the hustle-bustle of the movie set.  There are even some cool magic tricks as Figaro employs his hair-styling art - it's those little details that make this so much fun!

There are only two more chances to catch it - Tonight and Thursday.  It's at the Jubilee Auditorium and tickets are available here. They've got great options for a whole range of budgets, so check it out.  Chances are you will find a seat that suits you. 

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