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Sunday, May 11, 2014

#yeggies 2013 - A Nomination Amongst Great Company!

This past Friday was the 2013 #Yeggies Awards. The #Yeggies are an award show created to recognize and celebrate outstanding social media content creators in the capital region. I was honored to be nominated in the category of Arts and Culture for this blog and, I assume, for some of the other things I coordinate such as the #yegbookclub. It was very a very fun night, and although I did not win, I did have a great time meeting other people engaged in #yeg social media.  It's flattering to have been nominated because I started this blog as a celebration of the theatre that we are so blessed to have in Edmonton and as a way to encourage people to go and see more.  It's kind of cool to know that it's being noticed.

I was nominated with a bunch of other fabulous arts supporters and I thought I would take a little time to draw attention to them. Anyone who is trying to increase participation in the arts is okay in my books and these people are certainly doing that.

The Nominees:

Gig City - a online news and entertainment magazine serving Edmonton, Alberta.
thinkITEM - a visual artist
The Choir Girl - A blog about all things choir, music and performance related
What It Is - An Edmonton and Alberta Arts and Entertainment show where anything can happen and will.
Finster Finds - You are here - you know what this is, right?
I Don't Get It - a podcast about dance, mostly contemporary dance, from a guy who knows nothing about it and a girl who knows everything (or thinks she does)

I Don't Get It was the big winner and I encourage you to check them out and the other nominees for some interesting perspectives on Edmonton's arts and culture scene.

You should also check out the Yeggies nominees for the other categories as there are some real cool sites about Edmonton in a variety of areas.

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