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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Up to My Waist in Theatre!

I was lucky enough to catch three shows last weekend.  This week is proving to be equally theatre-steeped, but in a different way.  I started rehearsals for both of my FinallySauces Fringe shows on Monday and Tuesday night. CRACK by Anne Marie Szucs lifted off on Monday and I started my own script, LITTLE MONSTERS, tonight.  Both rehearsals felt good and it was great to stretch those directing muscles.  Just like riding a bike!

The rest of the week is quite saturated with arts - just the way I like it.  Wednesday I will be experiencing Oliver's Grade 7 Band Concert.  I am very excited to see and hear this. It has been very fun for me to watch him apply himself to the Trombone.  He likes it! He really likes it!  All the arts-brainwashing I have done over his life has paid off! Woo hoo!  Thursday is the Opening Night of Make Mine Love at the Citadel.  I feel so much anticipation about finally seeing this show.  I couldn't go to the dress rehearsal because I had the Yeggies that same night, so I find myself quite anxious to see it!  When I read the script I was blown away by the requirements and I am so curious to see how our amazing production team has achieved the special effects.  I got a peek of a little bit of the show today at the Media Call and it has only whetted my appetite for more.

Friday will see me at Shadow Theatre for Mistakes Were Made.  I have heard great things, but I will admit I am most thrilled to see Erika Conway onstage!  She's a Walterdale alumnus and proof that there are very talented people coming from that pool!  Speaking of Walterdale, Saturday will see me at Closing Night of Starless, a new work by Eric Rice developed as part of the From Cradle to Stage program.  I painted the set so I am looking forward to finally seeing the show!  Better late than never!

All in all and tremendously arts-packed week! Good thing it's a long weekend... I will need the rest!

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