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Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Exposure to Hawksley... Late to the party, but drinking the punch!

Last night my husband and I took in closing night of The God That Comes, the one man show by Hawksley Workman at the Citadel Club.  I will be honest, I know there were a lot of people going because it was Hawksley Workman and they have been long-time fans, but I was going because I had heard about the show from the Calgary theatre season last year.  I had never really heard Hawksley before (other than maybe a couple of times on the radio - but I couldn't swear to it).  Since the show opened last week I had heard great things both at work and via twitter and FB so I was very anxious to see it.  I was also looking forward to the bottle of wine that came with the VIP table I had purchased way back in August!  Anyhow, last night was really cool.  A re-telling of the Bacchae in a way that was very sexy, humorous, and musically compelling.  It was laugh out loud and so clever and Hawksley Workman's story-telling with music was always invested and engaging.  What a great night. Very happy that the VIP Table came with 2 CDs and we already opened one to listen to on the drive home. I plan to look into some more of his music...

This was not my only theatrical adventure this weekend, on Friday I took in the dress rehearsal for Clybourne Park at the Citadel.    I laughed (a lot) and a cried (curse you guys for hitting me in the heart!).  So good and I can't wait to see it again with a packed house! I can't say how much I love this script and this cast and production feel just spot on. It's so honest and true to life and so very funny and it's safe to laugh at the things you wouldn't if you were actually in the room.  In this world of political correctness and "us and them" it's so incredibly relevant.

This week I want to catch The Bronte Burlesque and The Elevator Project, and we open Clybourne Park, so it's going to be a busy one!

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