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Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Projects - Death Comes to Auntie Norma and Proof!

The other evening we had our first real rehearsal for the Fringe show I am directing, Death Comes to Auntie Norma.  As I inherited the majority of the cast from a previous production it was also a bit of a meet and greet for me.  I love beginning a new project and it was fun to read it through with the cast and hear their voices in the roles.  I wrote notes in my script and ticked off places where I got ideas and generally it got me charged up about it which is a very good thing! I have to admit that with the completion of my last two projects and then my trip out East I kind of shut off my drive so the read was just what I needed to get myself geared up.

After the read through - we started working.  I used the system that my friend AM taught me that she learned from her time at Seacoast Studios with Scott Swann.  It is always fun to start this process with people who have never tried it before.  There is a look of fear at the beginning and then by the end of the rehearsal everyone is just playing and trying new things and listening and revelling in making discoveries.  I think this foundation will be a good place for which to work as it is a strange thing to come in after another Director and re-direct a show.  I am not sure how much will change, but I do know that I am doing more than just recreating what has happened before, otherwise there is not much point to having me there! I would like to make a contribution...

Spurred by the creative energy of that night I took another look at my Audition Notice for Proof at Walterdale Theatre It will go out in a a few weeks after the Dracula Auditions finish up so I wanted to make sure that they were all in place. I am excited to have a pretty full team of great people who I know will make my life easier! I am still looking for an Assistant Director so if anyone is interested...

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