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Friday, January 11, 2013

My Neck is All Kinked Up!

I am not sure what is causing it, but there are several possible contributing factors.

First, I am in the middle of auditions for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and whenever I look at my callback list I get stressed.  I really shouldn't look at it.  The stress is in fact a good thing, but it is because I have more fabulous people than I can use that I am stressed,  It was hard enough to make the list because of I have already cut some wonderful performers but we had to.  It's what you have to do.  I'll be fine next week when it's all decided.  I am not going to think more about it until I actually see the callbacks because that will be the deciding place.

Second, I have been watching the twitter and the news and reading everything I can find about the whole Idle No More movement and the history leading up to it.  Encouraged by the rants of my good friend Amelia, I have read everything I can find, from far left (ugh) to far right (ugh again) and find I sit, as always, somewhere in the middle.  But the evolution of this whole movement has really disappointed me.  It's an opportunity to make change and fix problems that some people with obviously massive egos are letting slip by.  You cannot choose what is for dinner if you are not in the kitchen helping to make it! Argh!  I know, it's complicated, but from what I watched emerge on Twitter, the protests happening today were planned a while ago.  There are people who were simply not going to meet - EVER.  Anyhow, I keep watching and reading as this evolves.  I think it's a massive ^$@#-up and support for the movement from both inside and outside Aboriginal communities is dropping. I am worried, because I think some people actually want a war.  There are some people involved that I think want this to become violent, and that scares me. And just as bad, if nothing is accomplished now, with all this focus on the issue - When will things ever get fixed?!?! This is the time people! We have a chance to deal with the poverty, the housing issues, the environmental issues, and imagined or perceived slights are not good enough reasons to not deal with this stuff.  Hey, I am not an expert on this, but what I see really, really saddens and angers me.

Third, I think I need a new pillow, but I think once the first two points are resolved (extra hopefully with the second) and I take some ibuprofen I should be ok.

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