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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A New Year - Filling in the Calendar!

In the spirit of getting out of holiday mode I spent time yesterday and today filling in my calendar.  I am pretty booked up already for January with Spelling Bee and a workshop for one of the From Cradle to Stage new plays.  I booked tickets to Free-man on the Land at Theatre Network and Evie's Waltz at Shadow Theatre.  I have tickets to a couple of music events at the Arden Theatre and to Tania Alvarado/Mile Zero Dance.  Throw in rehearsals and basketball and I am a busy girl. I am trying to hit Sunday matinees for shows because they are a little easier to manage in my schedule. The cool thing about the ticket prize that I won is that I am going to shows I might not have gone to, and although not all of them are my cup of tea, I feel more engaged and challenged as a theatre goer. Case in Point: I am pretty sure that I have no idea what is coming my way with Free-man on the Land.  I am prepared for an adventure! Evie's Waltz sounds like it will explore some of the same themes of three of the scripts I am currently working on and has the phenomenal Coralie Cairns in it so it's a little more up my alley.

Tonight I will kick off my theatre year by seeing Three Form Theatre's Songs for a New World at La Cite. It's one of my favorite musicals - a song cycle - with fabulous music and I am interested in seeing what this young group has done with it.  

What's going to be your first play of the new year?  What are you looking most forward to seeing?  I'm curious to know...

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