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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fringe ReBoot/Felt Like a Show Tonight

So this week has been mixed.

I went to the Fringe Lottery last night and had a fun time live tweeting it and listening for our name to be called, but alas, the call came rather late.  Finally Sauces was called at #26 and Round Barn at #31 on the waiting list.  Those are pretty far down on the wait list.  If we were under #20 I might hold out hope, but now we are looking at alternatives.  I don't really want to go the BYOV route, but I also don't want wait too much longer before I get these scripts on a deck.  So.... stay tuned.  When I know better I'll let you know. We are disappointed, but that is the way of the lottery. It's how it works.  To those who were drawn I saw - please be excellent!

Today I feel good about a lot of things.  I finished the very last of the painting - Yay!  Now I can just think about acting and being in the world of the play. Tonight we had a run that felt really good for me.  It felt like we had a SHOW.  That was nice.  I am only in two of the five acts so hopefully everyone else felt the same.  I only know where I am at and what I felt. I am anxious for an audience, but will have to wait for Monday for that. Tomorrow is media call and I am called for that. It has been awhile since I have been an 'actor' at the media call so I expect a few nerves, but I also hope it will be fun!

And now, to bed.  It is late and I got stuff to do tomorrow...

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