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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Commencing Tech Week! The Misanthrope at Walterdale!

We are entering the last week before opening for The Misanthrope.  This week tends to have it's ups and downs.  It is exciting to add all the bells and whistles, lights, sounds and costumes and real props, but each new addition can also mean adjustment and take you out of the world of the play.  One of the ways that we are spoiled at Walterdale is that we get a whole week to adjust and settle into the finished world. Today we have costume parade before a tech run. I love my costumes! I cannot share a picture of my final costume as it is to be a surprise, but we have the best costume designers and builders at Walterdale and I certainly feel spoiled every time I do a show there!  So nice to have a costume built especially for me!

I have a couple touch ups to do on the paint this week, but not a lot. Probably only a couple of hours.  It is nice to feel like that job is done so I can focus on the world of my character in the play. This is my week to gather show gifts.  I am a big proponent of show gifts and I like to make them appropriate to the show and character.  I have some great ideas and can't wait to go out and do that shopping trip!

Here is the 'pretty much done set' with rehearsal food (we don't really have Tim Bits in the show...).  Designed by Travis Metzger, built by Pierre Valois and painted by moi! Bear in mind, some of the furniture is just rehearsal pieces... we have the real stuff coming in this week.

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