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Friday, March 09, 2012

We are cleared for take-off! The Mayfield's Boeing Boeing!

Last night I was invited by my good friend Barb to catch the latest show at The Mayfield. I hadn't been to the Mayfield for quite some time, I think Footloose, and I have always enjoyed myself in the past and Barb is great to have a night out with so I was very happy to go. I didn't know much about the show before I went, but Barb informed me it was a farce and I love a good farce so even better! Of course we stuffed ourselves. I didn't eat hardly anything all day since I knew the buffet was coming and we talked of all thing theatre and in particular Titanic (Barb is directing it). After the terrific meal we settled in for the show. It was so much fun! A true door slamming, crazy mix-up farce set in the 60s with three international stewardesses sharing the same fiance. In the spirit of Lend Me a Tenor and Noises Off! this production embraced the wacky, the larger than life characters, the crazy couch jumping and the aforementioned door-slamming. I really enjoyed it. In particular, the cast consists of 6 well-defined comedic characters and 4 of those are women. The three stewardesses: The American (Kate Ryan), The Italian (Belinda Cornish) and the German (Stephanie Wolfe) are all hysterical in their own way. I will say my favorite was Stephanie Wolfe as Gretchen, primarily because she sold the physical comedy so well. I was laughing so hard I swear I was tearing up. This is not to say the others are not funny, but I couldn't get over her rolling on the floor. It killed me. The guys (Dave Horak and Kevin James) are strong and funny too and how can you beat Leona Brausen as the put-upon maid? I do not think you can. She is golden. It was so clean. The set gorgeous and the tri-colour airline uniforms picture perfect. The only thing that I kind of wondered about was why the guys didn't have french accents. They were clearly supposed to be french and the girls all had their requisite accents, so I wondered. It didn't stop me from laughing and finding it hilarious, so perhaps the choice was made for clarity. It was just something I wondered about. Anyhow, in a city dense with serious drama this is a good show for those who like a belly-laugh. It made for a great night out.

*#10 in my 2012 Theatre goal


Annemarie said...

Sounds fabulous!

Hey if I come over Easter, are there any shows we can go see?

Finster said...

Tonnes - There's one at Walterdale that will be on, and I am pretty sure there will be 3 or 4 others on in town that weekend.