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Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Celebration of a Life - Tribute to Marlene

Yesterday was a day of celebration and memorial. Earlier this year the Walterdale family lost Marlene Kottke, a much beloved member. Yesterday afternoon we got together in the theatre to celebrate Marlene's life. Her children and many of her friends and family came to join with the Walterdale family and we shared those things that made Marlene so special. I was fortunate to know her and feel honoured that the organizers asked me to participate. It was a lovely time of remembrance and felt just about perfect in reflection on her life. Marlene was almost exactly the same age as my mother and they shared many qualities - good listening, good organization, kindness, and nurturing. I will miss Marlene.

After the memorial, I took in Fool For Love at Shadow Theatre across the road. It was a good production of a Sam Shepherd piece I had never seen before. I cannot really fault this production - well acted and directed and a great set. I didn't feel the intense sexual chemistry I think the script calls for, but I was probably not in the right mind set to be totally immersed in it. However, I was glad to see it as I have not seen much at Shadow in the last few years due to scheduling. I am enjoying the recent bout of one acts that theatres seem to be producing lately - Red, RACE, Albertine in Five Times and now Fool For Love. I like the structure of a one act and the uninterrupted arc that they have. I hope that this form becomes more prevalent in main stage seasons to come.

*number 9 in my 2012 theatre goal

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