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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Making Connections...

One of the things that I loved about being the AD at Walterdale was that I often got requests from people to help them find someone for their project. Walterdale has a diverse membership and often has people of ages and demographics that are useful. I liked searching through the membership and connecting the right people to the right opportunity. Sometimes this took a bit of time, but usually if someone explained what they needed I could think of a few people to suggest to them. Despite no longer having that position, I was pleased this week to be able to continue with that and I think I might have connected a very talented person that I met through Walterdale with a fabulous opportunity (maybe even two opportunities). This is exciting for me. I like getting talented people to the right places. It was a good thing. I hope I can continue to do things like this!

In other connections news, today I met with the Playwright and Dramaturge that I will be working with for New Works at the University of Alberta. I was happy to get assigned The Playmates by Bevin Dooley for New Works and the Dramaturge is fellow student Hans Potter. We had a good first meeting where we discussed roles and communication pathways and, of course, Bevin's wonderfully mood-filled script. I am excited about this. Bevin and Hans seem very invested in creating good theatre and I think this will be a good team to work with.

Another connection happened this weekend. I was at the Uni waiting for my first Drama 483 rehearsal and I ran into someone who recommended I audition for Romeo & Juliet. I hemmed and hawed, knowing full well my schedule is pretty yucky, but I decided to do the audition anyhow. I auditioned yesterday and had a fabulous time. I don't know if I will get it (again, my schedule sucks), but I had such a great time working in the audition with the Director, Jessica Carmichael. It was like a mini acting workshop. I would love to be able to work with her. It washed away my bad feeling about my last audition when I was so unprepared. I was nice to feel like I still got it. Either way it goes, I was happy to have had the experience of the audition.

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