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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Taking My Theatre Volunteering Out of the Walterdale...

This season is going to be interesting... that's what I keep telling myself. I already feel the lull between projects. This is something I hadn't felt for the last 2 1/2 years because there was always something to do with Walterdale. Even if I didn't have an active project on the go I often needed to be helping in coordinating upcoming events and helping others to fill out their teams. There was little down time. I liked that. But this season will be different. Night Music wrapped up and my class at the U of A was on the go - so there was that. I threw in an audition (which I will admit was not up to my best - too tired from Night Music at the time and woefully unprepared). I also signed up for Shadow Theatre's casino and for working FOH for NLT's first show of the season, Heroine. After all, there are many theatres in the city who benefit from volunteers and, hey, I got the time.

The Casino was fun. Worked a shift with a couple of friends and some other nice people. I generally find casinos pretty easy work, although late at night, and I love counting the money (I know, it's weird - but I love working the money counter!). I will be working a casino for Theatre Yes this week. I think casinos are so easy compared to the alternative (BINGO - Shudder).

Last night I worked the FOH shift. It was the simplest volunteer shift I have ever worked in my life. Literally 20 minutes of tearing tickets and I got to sit in and watch the show. Not bad. The show was interesting. A little more exposition in the script than I was expecting, but well performed and it's kind of cool to see women sword fighting instead of just guys. I imagine it was an arduous physical rehearsal process. Not only were they sword fighting, but they rolled around, fought hand to hand and climbed the set in various configurations. The piece was an interesting juxtaposition of the two pirate women (Ann Bonny and Mary Read) who chose unconventional ways to live in a man's world. Similar life choices, but done in very different ways, with Bonny living as a blood thirsty woman and Read disguising herself as a man. Interestingly enough, Read seemed more feminine (or what we might think of as traditionally feminine) - she was quiet and mannerly whilst Bonny was lusty and loud and aggressive.

Anyhow, I was glad to help out. It's time to step outside, I think.

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