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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Opening Night

I am excited, as I usually am for Opening Night. This show has truly been a labour of love for me and it is wonderful to see it come to fruition. I am proud of what it is and I think it is pretty darn good. The Previews were a wonderful experience. The first one with the generous audience setting us off on a good foot and the smaller, quieter second audience who went along for the ride in tension and who went out of their way to shower us with compliments. Everyone who has done theatre knows that the positive feedback of absolute strangers is so very gratifying. You like it when your friends and family say nice things, too, but a complete stranger who seeks you out to say 'well done' is so unexpected and since there is nothing vested for them in terms of love for you, you trust the objectiveness of the comments. One women made a point of tracking me down to tell me the show was better than a show she saw at a professional theatre this week - not that the show she saw was bad, in fact she sad it was very good, but that Rabbit Hole was better. Wow! Considering the talent in the city and the show to which she referred I was so very honoured.

Now is Opening Night. I know it will go well. It is an audience of friendly people who love me and/or the cast and/or Walterdale. I just feel like I have worked so hard for so long and it is so great to be here on this day finally. Feels good, in spite of some of the difficult decisions I had to make during the process to ensure the best possible production.

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