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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Endings and Beginnings...

Last night Rabbit Hole closed. It was a lovely show, different and yet the same. I did appreciate that my cast kept it active and alive and never exactly the same, but yet preserved the story. I know that sounds like director babble, but whatevs... Anyhow, we struck the set and props (I have a crap load of stuff to put away and Mark took two big bags of toys to Goodwill) and tidied the building and sat around in a bit of a shock. This show was such a lovely family that it was sad to see it end. Now, I didn't personally have to travel the emotional journey that the actors did, so it is easy for me to say I wish it could've run longer, but I was very happy with it. I was blessed on this project. I had so many great people who helped make it as wonderful as it was - not just the actors, but the rest of the artistic staff and the crew. They really took care of it and I think it showed. I was also blessed to have so many friends come and see it. I know how busy we all are, because I make it to only about 50% of the shows I want to get to, so every time someone makes the time to come and see my shows I feel very special. Last night was wonderful for me - to see so many people there that I know.

Today I enjoyed sleeping in. Then I enjoyed only having one thing to do - A Threepenny Opera rehearsal. And then I enjoyed going for dinner at Outback and having a terrific steak and a nice dinner with Mark and the boys. Everyone was in good spirits, silly, but cheerful.

Threepenny is the major thing on the horizon and I now need to sit down with myself and figure out what I want to fill my life with for the foreseeable future. I have a Fringe script to re-work and develop and finishing casting. I have a few auditions to consider. I have T4s to fill out. I also have a paper to write and many, many plays to read. I am not at a loss for things to do.

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