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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A New Year

I know. It's not January, but September always feels like the start of a new year to me. All those years of school, both as a student and then as a teacher and now as a mother of school children, have created a feeling of 'go' in September. So I had my first class today (Theatre History) and the boys started school last Wednesday. Scholastically we seem to all be on the right track. The boys are settling in alright and I have a few 'friends' in my class (some from the first year Drama classes, and some from Walterdale). It's all good there. I have also figured out a bus route that I will take on some days. It should take 45 minutes which is twice the time of driving, but I can read on the bus. I wish the LRT were more accessible. Sigh.

I started watching the calories last week and the types of food I was eating and then we went away on the weekend and I regressed, but I am back to the calorie/food watching. I am frustrated by this whole process but know it is necessary. I am using the number 1600-2000 calories per day and trying to keep my Carbs vs. Protein vs. Fat reasonable, but I realize that I am not quite sure what exactly to eat to keep the ratios reasonable and I am not sure what reasonable really, really is. I do feel better about my food choices and we shall see how that goes. If I feel better physically and start moving with intention, maybe I will really lose weight. Mom and I started our own 'Weight Watchers' by weighing in this morning and throwing $5 each in a jar. We are going to do this every week and see how it goes. This way we are being accountable and saving the money. Sometimes the Weight Watchers was good, but sometimes it wasn't and when I didn't lose weight I felt grumpy about the money. Next Spring we will go shopping, or something... We have to work on the plan for the money.

I also need to write. Things are percolating. I need to get things on paper (electronically). I need to do that. I also have a month until I am rehearsing, so the sooner I write the better. Once I am in rehearsal, it gets hard to put time into the writing.

Anyhow, here goes 2010-2011...

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