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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Busy Week Completed...

Yesterday was busy. It was the end and the result of a very busy week. I know that the stress of the week was amped up by my being sick and the other hiccups that happened would have been easier to manage if I had not been ill, but I am glad that yesterday is now done and that all went well.

We had the Open House from about 11-4 in conjunction with the Farmer's Market. It was steady and we gained a few members and I think quite a few potential audience members. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting a look backstage. I was so thankful for the individuals who manned the show tables. They did a good job representing Walterdale as a whole as well as their individual projects. We had fun and it felt like a Season Team. I was a little frustrated that I was getting requests for 'what do we do?' from some people at the very last minute because I had no time to respond. I think it was most frustrating because I sent that information out very early on and it just wasn't passed down the chain of communication. It all worked out, but I felt kind of bad that there was a communication jag. I was particularly pleased that we finally got all the posters printed. There were a few technical issues involving 3 computers, a couple of external hard drives and lots of cables, but it all seems to have worked out. This was my most stressful thing though, because I had made promises to all the shows that the posters would be done and I wasn't sure until late on Friday that it was going to all come together. Again, I think I was more stressed by it because I was sick and because I had quite a few things to get done that I didn't have the emotional room to deal with the stress. It's done and they look lovely and that is what counts!

That evening was the AGM. It went blessedly fast and we got on with the fun. The program turned out to be shorter than planned because of some last minute cancellations on the schedule. No worries. We rolled with it and it all worked out. It was a nice evening where we could give some awards to deserving folk and enjoy what we do at Walterdale.

Now I can rest and try to get healthy... as I await Rabbit Hole auditions.

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