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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer...

Yesterday I took the boys to the Spray park at Glengarry. I have to keep them doing things or else they invade each other's territory and the punches and tears start. It's not constant, and in fact I tend to get several hours of good play before an altercation, but when it does happen it always seems to be at a critical point in my work. I wonder, do these kids have special radar for when the absolute worst time to fight would be?

Anyhow, the spray park was great and even tempered the rest of the day as there were very few moments of high drama for the rest of the day. Nothing like sun and water to sort out a child's day! We are going to hit a few more spray parks this week. I am mixing it up but going to different ones. They long to go back to West Ed, but a couple of things stop me from doing that. First, the outrageous price and second, the thought of my butt in a swimsuit in public. Maybe after I lose about 50 lbs... but even then it would still be so very, very expensive for just a couple of hours of fun. They would have stayed longer yesterday and it was all free so why waste the money?

I have put away the LOST DVDs until Season 6 comes out. I re-watched all the seasons and even the special features and the deleted scenes and all that but now it is time for a rest. I need to be reading more. Finished up a book yesterday and started a new one. I also need to be writing. Hard with the distractions of summer...

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