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Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to the 80's

Went to see St. Aggie's 84 last night at the Old Cycle Building on 118 Avenue. This is the production that Strathcona High School is taking to the Edinburgh Fringe. I went with Magnolia and we met Lisa Brownie there and the three of us had a grand ol' time. I also drove Lisa home afterward so we got an extended visit. The show was a lot of fun. I do hope that the stage they play on in Scotland is a little bigger, or at least wider as I think that with that many bodies on stage more space would have been better. There were some great things on stage. The core groups of girls and guys were very strong and well-matched, and the supporting story with the Spanish students was very funny. I think the playwright maybe tried to follow the source material too tightly as I think the show would have been stronger if it were to end on either the first or second false ending instead of the third, but it may not be finished in that respect. You can always fine tune as playwright and edit as you go. It did, however, feel like Fringe had started (even though it's 2 weeks away) as we watched this fun, new musical in the hot box of a theatre space and laughed at the 80's references and enjoyed the story and the dancing!

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