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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prehistoric Exhaustion...

We took a little trip as a family to Drumheller this weekend. Mark closed up the store early and we drove to Threehills on Saturday and then spent the day in Drumheller at the Tyrell and at a number of playgrounds in the area and generally had a good time. We were all a little sleep deprived. The boys were because they wanted to go and go and go and we were because the boys were... if that makes sense. I am tired today despite sleeping in. I am still making up for a week ago when I was wiped out because of going out after Hamlet and then going into a tech weekend while rehearsing another show.

With regards to exhaustion I am realizing that I have to get this under control. I had a fantastic offer last week that would have taken up a lot of time and I was both relieved and disappointed when it fell through (they asked too many people expecting some to say no, but apparently everyone said yes so they had to deliver bad news to a few - since I took a bit of time to think about it I figure I was lower on the list - no worries - it sounds like I might get to do it in the future, just not this year). I look at the calendar and know that I have a month and a half of incredibly busy time ahead of me and then relative calm. I shall use this summer to rejuvenate. Next season at Walterdale should be easier time wise. I won't be required to do all the reading and putting together another season and I have a show that won't have the massive cast of my current one. I already have that rehearsal schedule mapped out for the Fall so I feel like I might be a bit more relaxed. I also may just need to nap if the body is asking for it. I can do that. I should do that, if I need to.

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