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Monday, May 10, 2010

Beautiful Music...

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I was treated to a lovely breakfast prepared by my husband and cards and gifts created by my children. As well, Mark's gifts were Nathan Fillion themed (Season 1 of Castle, a Nikki Heat book, and the Dr. Horrible DVD). It was a lovely morning. Then I tripped off to the theatre for a check-in with the One-Acts and a little photocopying and then to Alex Taylor for Whorehouse musical rehearsal. Oh my! The cast sounds so good! They worked on Side Step and Hard Candy Christmas, two of my favorite songs from the show. First time working on both and both were so good. No one will be able to complain about the music in this show, that's for sure, not when they sound like that!! I will have to make sure that my direction maintains the promise of their voices.

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