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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Daze.... well, almost...

I will miss the hour and forty five minutes I get every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when Gibson is in Fun Factory. Lately I use every minute of that time to get things done for Walterdale, my Fringe/Interplay show, family business and the like. I have learned to work fast! When I do that, work fast, then I can enjoy the afternoon with Gibson and do 'Mom-Stuff'. Today we picked up my nephew Braden from my Mom and Dad's house (my brother Paul and his son are in town for a visit) and went to the spray park, then the golden arches and then home to play in the back yard. Braden is so good with little kids and he and I had a nice chat at the park. We don't get to see him as often as my other nieces and nephews and he's a really interesting and nice kid so I am glad we got to do that. We are going to pick Oliver up from school and maybe see Night at the Smithsonian Museum tonight. It's a good thing.

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