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Monday, June 29, 2009

Reporting Blues

After some emails back and forth it has become clear to me that what I thought was good communication with the grade 2 teacher throughout the year was not so good. There is a major failure in the reporting process as well. "Work meets acceptable standard" sounds better than it is and Effort: Satisfactory apparently does not really mean that either. In my mind, if the effort of my child is causing him to achieve below what he is capable of then there is NO WAY you can call that Satisfactory. I have a problem with how many teachers assess and communicate. They do not separate behaviour from ability. Do not tell me 'he is doing fine' when he is in the 50-64%!!! Not when he could be doing so much better. Don't feel like you have to sugar coat the message because you don't want to hurt my feelings. AND if you (as teacher) think that is fine, then that tells me you think my kid is not that bright. That just pisses me off. AND WHY is a "C" = to acceptable standard? I don't get that. I HATE Division I evaluation. I have NO IDEA of what my child is supposed to be doing and no way to gauge it.


Annemarie said...

That has to be incredibly frustrating!

Finster said...

What's the worst is that this is the first year he articulated 'I hate school' - which may have just been rudeness, but I have always tried to be positive about school and I want him to stay that way about it as long as possible.