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Monday, September 17, 2007

Parenting Approval Ratings...

Last night, despite having a really good day, Oliver had a MAJOR MELTDOWN at bedtime. I have no idea why. He was refusing to go to bed, and he wanted a bath, but it was too late, so that was an issue and then when we decided to help him get into his PJs he freaked out more... We tried the cajoling to diffuse the situation, to no avail. Anyhow, after 45 minutes of struggling with him he decided that he was going to have to "run away from home" so he could find some "new owners to look after him". When asked what was wrong with his current Mommy and Daddy he replied that "we didn't do everything he told us to do". Anyhow, I tried for another 15 minutes to get him to bed and finally he said he was leaving. So we let him "run away". Bear in mind he was wearing only pj bottoms and shoes. We asked if he would like a coat or anything and he said he was fine. He left out the front door and 30 seconds later he knocked on the door and asked to come back in. Then he went to bed.

This morning he said sorry for being so mad last night. I think he plans to stay for awhile.

By the way - I kind of blame the Foote Theatre School for the "running away". They are learning "Hard Knock Life" in his class so I pulled out the movie Annie and he was quite enamoured of it. He liked the way Annie "ran away" all the time.


Magnolia said...

Too funny!!!

Finster said...

Thanks. I told a "mom" friend at Oliver's school and she looked aghast that we "let him" go out the door. I am TRYING to find the humour Mr. Defiance. You can bet I will save that story for his wedding.

Annemarie said...

Hello from London! Greg and I are just checking in on our email on our last night here. I love your blog - let's me catch up on some the happenings that may have occurred while I've been gone.

I love this story - very funny - especially the 'new owners' comment.