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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back on the Treadmill...

So to speak. I re-committed to working out. I know, I know. I do that a lot, but I think of every week as a new week and since September is traditionally a time for 'starting anew' for me I booked Gibson in to the YMCA babysitting and went to the Cardio Kick Start class this morning. I have also booked him in for Friday, Monday and Wednesday so I am committed. I find I have to do that - book in ahead of time - or I don't go. It is harder to not go when you know you will be charged for the babysitting if you don't cancel soon enough. I am watching my ankle because of the recent sprain. It's a little achy and I avoided the stairs, just in case, but it held up okay. I will see how it feels tomorrow morning. I have a feeling I will feel my butt tomorrow because of all the squats we did.

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