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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Fun at the Citadel with 9 to 5!

 Last night, instead of watching the hockey game, we went to the Citadel Theatre to see 9 to 5! (It's okay, the Oilers won and are currently up 3-1 in the series so my going to the theatre did not affect that in any way.) I'd deliberately booked my tickets late in the run because of my show which had just closed on the weekend, but I wasn't going to miss this one! 

It was a fun show - very silly and reminiscent of the movie, as it should be - replete with the questionable clothing choices of the late seventies, wigs aplenty, and of course the iconic title song! It's a fun night out and you have until May 29th to catch it. Stand-outs for me include Juan Chioran as the despicable Mr. Hart. I hope we see him back out West for more shows at the Citadel because he is just so good! It would be nice to see him play a more likeable character, but his portrayal of the sexist and egotistical CEO was so much fun to watch! I also loved Kristin Johnston as the uptight and infatuated office spy, Roz. Her number Heart to Hart was a stand-out in the show - it was literally laugh-out-loud! The three leads, Sharon Crandell (Violet), Julia McClellan (Doralee) and Patricia Zentilli (Judy) are also well cast and anchor the show with terrific team-work and fine voices. 

Now, I will admit it's not my favourite musical on the page, but this production is well done and should entertain most audience goers. It's quick and bright and played well for laughs. I can't actually remember a single tune outside the title song, but when I heard them last night they were funny and lovely and I liked them. 

9 to 5 runs until May 29 in the Maclab Theatre
Tickets range from $68-$123
Purchase them Here

Photo Credit: Nanc Price
Featuring: Sharon Crandell, Patricia Zentilli and Julia McClellan 

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