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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Where the Wild Things Fringe - Word of Mouth - Tuesday, August 20th

Some new titles popped up yesterday, I think because different 'types' of shows produce different audiences. Check out yesterday's Word of Mouth recommendations:

- Babble On
- Hello (I heard this one A LOT yesterday)
- Rose Petals and Ashes
- For Science!
- Muttnik
- Josephine
- Chase Padgett - Heart Attacks ad Other Blessings
- Hotel Vortruba
- Larry (I think I have heard this one every day)
- Hits Like a Girl
- Reality Crack
- Field Zoology 101
- Promise and Promiscuity
- Are You Loving It
- Can of Worms
- You are Happy
- Merk Deux Soleil

Click here for tickets!

Feel free to leave your Word of Mouth Recommendations in the comments (in case I don't see YOU n the line ups!)

1 comment:

broadwaybarb said...

All You Need. Funny and moving. A lovely one man show written and performed by Owen Bishop