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Friday, September 21, 2018

Broadway Across Canada presents The Book of Mormon... So much laughing!

This week, Broadway Across Canada brought back The Book of Mormon to the Northern Jubilee Auditorium. I was lucky enough to see it when it was here playing to Sold Out houses a few years ago, and the packed theatre on Wednesday night indicates that it is still a very popular choice! The laughs from the audience and the rapid standing ovation were also great indicators of a terrific night out!

I think I enjoyed seeing the show even more this time. On first glance, The Book of Mormon requires a couple of cautions. There is explicit language and many of the things discussed are quite shocking, but it did come from the South Park guys, so I think that in itself tells you that it's going to go to places you have to be prepared for.

The production itself was outstanding. Led by Kevin Clay (Elder Price) and Conner Peirson (Elder Cunningham), the entire cast was buoyant and dynamic and 100% committed to the demands of the show. The vocals are on point and the dancing was terrific. I was so entertained by the choreography (Casey Nicholaw). It's not often I want a long dance break, but I did with this show! Clay and Peirson are perfectly cast as Price and Cunningham. Clay embodies the 'perfect Mormon' and his version of I Believe just soars. Peirson's elastic physicality and vocal gymnastics kept me in stitches. Kayla Pecchioni as Nabulungi, has a beautiful voice and she brought true honesty and innocence to the role. I don't think the show works without having that truthfulness (the audience has to care about her disappointment), so it was lovely to see.

After the show, my son and I had a very engaging discussion about what it's really all about. Yes, it's very funny and inappropriate, but it's important to remember that many of the things that it talks about are really happening in the world. And although it seems to be making fun of Mormons, it's really a comment on all North Americans and first world citizens. We are very spoiled compared to most of the rest of the world and I think everyone should be leaving the show thinking about that, after all, as the show says, it's a metaphor...

The Book of Mormon runs to September 23.
Click here for tickets.

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