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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Les Feluettes (Lillies) at Edmonton Opera... Stories we still need to tell...

Tuesday Night I saw Les Feluettes (Lillies) at Edmonton Opera. It was such a beautiful production. I'm usually aprehensive with opera, but 10 minutes in I was hooked. The acting was so strong and the cast a true single organism. I wasn't sure what i would think about a show entirely composed of men, but it was the only way it would make sense to tell this story. Plus the singing was gorgeous, both the solo voices and the choral pieces. Kudos to the entire cast and creative team. It was also told respectfully and honestly and artfully. It hit all the markers. 

I cried a little - during the scene in the picture, not because the scene was sad, but because it was so beautiful and because it hit me that it is sad that we are still in a place that we need to tell these stories. For most of the world I live in, Love is Love is Love is Love, but there are many places in the world, in our country, in our communities, where that is still not the case. So even though this story takes place in 1912 and 1952, to some degree this story could be happening today and that made me cry. Won't it be wonderful when we don't need to tell these stories anymore? 

There's only one more opportunity to see the show - Friday, October 27th. Click here for tickets. 

Photo Credit: Nanc Price

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