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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Couple More Shows I Am Hoping to See...

The Unsyncables by Rebecca Merkley looks like it's going to be a very funny hour of entertainment. The cast of 4 features some very hilarious women and, always a fan of new work and new playwrights, I'm intrigued to see what Rebecca Merkley has written. She's always hysterical when she's onstage so it's going to be fun to see what has come from her brain!

Description: A love letter to the 90's, this heartwarming comedy celebrates the world of pre-teen friendships. Mary has decided to form her very own synchronized swimming squad. Her quirky team hope to make a big splash at a local competition, but trouble arises when Mary runs into her former teamates. H2-Uh-Oh!

Starring: Alyson DiceyMaddy KnightKristin Johnston Snelgrove and Brianne Jang
Written and Directed by: Rebecca Ann Merkley

BYOV Venue #41, Rutherford School. 

Half the Battle is another new work from a new playwright, Owen Bishop, who is also starring in the solo show. Telling the story of a Canadian pilot and co-pilot who were shot down during the Second World War and were buried together with tombstones attached to commemorate their partnership lasting through to the afterlife. Bishop plays both Adams and Davis on their one-way journey to the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns. It's billed as a comedy and I heard the the preview bit at the Fringe showcase was hilarious. 

Starring: Owen Bishop
Written by: Owen Bishop
Directed by: Joel Taras

Venue 9: Telus Phone Museum


Unknown said...

So excited to have you come see the show!

Unknown said...

So excited to have you come see the show!

Finster said...

Looking forward to it!